Guest Post - Big Bear Lake: A Quick and Easy Getaway

Posted by Daniela Arango on 2/1/2017 to Lifestyle
Guest Post - Big Bear Lake: A Quick and Easy Getaway

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It is really easy to get caught up in plan-making and never get to the actual doing. So how do we turn plans into realities? Like Nike says: JUST DO IT. 

This past week, I had a rare Sunday without anything to do, so I decided to go on a last minute road trip! I couldn’t stay overnight, so I looked for interesting places I could visit in one day. I decided to head up to Big Bear Lake, which is just a two hour drive from Los Angeles. Once I had my destination in mind, I did a little research and looked up a few things to do, but I was careful to not make any set plans. So that morning a friend and I took off on our mini-adventure, after making a quick stop to get donuts and coffee of course. 


Big Bear is such an adorable little town, and is perfect for a quick and easy getaway. The whole trip was magical and when it was time to leave we realized we did a lot more than we thought we would have in one day. 

If you have never been and you would like to go, here are some of our tips and highlights: 

1. Make a stop at The Discovery Center. It’s the perfect spot to get all the info about the town, lake and hiking maps.

2. Definitely take a hike up Castle Rock! It has incredible views and is fairly easy! 

3. Have lunch at Big Bear Lake Brewing Company. They make their own beer; I tried Barely Legal Honey Blonde and I loved it! 

4. Walk around The Village and get some fudge at North Pole Fudge and Ice Cream Co.

5. Make sure to bring a blanket and hang out by the lake!

6. Our last stop was at 572 Social Kitchen & Lounge. They have a beautiful patio with a fire place, and we enjoyed their yummy hot chocolate.


I will say, my favorite part of the whole trip to Big Bear Lake was the climb up Castle Rock. The view at the top was mesmerizing and we spent a long time just enjoying the beauty of this small town. It was so quiet we could only hear the birds and the sound of the trees moving with the wind. 

Sometimes the most unprepared and unplanned escapes turn out to be the best. If you have a trip you’ve been planning for a while, or something you’d like to see more of in your life, start making it a reality. If you’d like to travel more but can’t find the time (or money!), realize that you can take a mini-vacay in less than 24 hours!


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