Yoga Journal - "Best of 2016: 14 Practice-Enhancing Yoga Props + Accessories"

Setting the mood and having the right props can make or break your yoga practice. When you're a block or bolster short, it's frustrating. But we've got you covered. Here, our favorite yoga props and accessories that help us get in shape, de-stress, and fine-tune our practice.

Fit Bottomed Zen - "Getting Bendy With Zen Yoga Strap"

I’m a big proponent of yoga props, such as straps, blocks, bolsters and blankets. If it will help me attain a pose, I’m all in. So naturally I was jazzed to check out an updated yoga strap designed to help me achieve an even deeper stretch. 

Fit Bottomed Zen - "2017 Zennies: The Best Mindful Living Products"

Once you've relaxed into a pose, this strap lets you work your way up the strap, grab for the next loop and progressively deepen your posture. It's a yoga changer!

Rachel Scott Yoga - "A Good, Portable Yoga Strap: Zen Yoga Strap"

I was surprised by how much I liked Zen Yoga Strap. If you're looking for an easy strap-like accessory and want a tidy friend, Zen Yoga Strap could be it.